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In the past decade, we have used our core values of honesty and integrity to grow quickly, becoming an innovator in the vinyl industry and recently being named as one of the Top 50 qualified remodelers in the nation.


“Love the new windows we bought. Our sales / demo rep was AAAAAMAZING!!!! Highly Recommend.”
Terri Becker Golden
“Amazing process from start to finish. from in home demo to installation. highly recommend.”
Toufic Diab

“We just got new windows this summer with LEI Home Enhancements, We couldn’t be happier, the whole process went smoothly, everyone was professional and friendly! The best part is how much cooler my house is this summer since replacing our windows???????? Only wish we would have done it sooner”

Twylla Silva

“We recently suffered through a very hot summer and realized it was time to update our windows in our 17 year old house. Our original windows were so bad we could feel the heat coming straight through the windows. We looked online and found LEI and figured we would see what they offer. They came to my house and told me all about the materials and what they offer. We were excited about the energy savings so went ahead and got our windows replaced. We recently experienced a winter storm and are so glad we got new triple pane windows! The house stays warm and we don’t have to worry about the outside temperature or noise affecting our comfort. The team was great, easy to work with and cleaned up after the installation. We would definitely recommend them!”

Vanessa White

“we got an estimate from lei home enhancements for all new windows triple pane for our home and we signed a contract and ordered and got our windows installed so far we are very happy with the product quality and the install stall process was done very nicely and efficiently after a initial scheduling issue”

Debbie Wells Stoneham
“We ordered windows through LEI Home Enhancements – Denver and got them installed when promised! So glad we have new windows with the weather we have been having! Thank you!”
Andrea Albrecht
“We are so incredibly happy with our new LEI windows, we immediately noticed a reduction in noise (triple pane windows are our new favorite thing), our house is MUCH easier to heat and cool, and I am very excited to see our first energy bill because I know we will see a huge drop. I LOVE the UV filtering windows, in summer this will make the house a lot cooler. The sales team was great and thorough, I like having a cancellation period, the install team was great as well. We are also excited to have a long warranty that we can pass on to the future owners when we sell (it’s like a 50 year warranty) so the windows should be beneficial immediately (just for temperature control alone) and beneficial down the road when we sell.”
Amber Malin

LEI is a company that cares

LEI Home Enhancements donates $1 for every window that is sold to charities.

We’re not just a company that sells windows, roofing, siding, and doors. Instead, we view ourselves as an organization with a mission to help others in our local community and around the world.

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